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This week, reviews of Google’s new phone were everywhere. The Pixel invasion is on! VentureBeat and others considered things like screen resolution, camera, battery life, and so on.  What concerned me, however, was how the new device would integrate Google Assistant.

In thinking about voice-activated intelligent assistants, we’ve written about how great it would be if you could interact with Siri in a truly hands-free fashion. Amazon’s Alexa offers a giant leap — no need to unlock a device. And much like the Nexus, the Pixel offers hands-free unlocking, and thus access to Google Assistant, via the trusted voice feature. While not novel, the interaction feels easy and efficient. Maybe because Google Assistant‘s speech recognition is better than Alexa and Siri?

Yet both Alexa and Google Assistant — and for that matter, Siri, too — come up short in terms of recognizing the voices and preferences of multiple people. Alexa doesn’t know who you are, and it can’t distinguish your preferences from those of your husband. With the Pixel, as Jordan Novet wrote, “You’ll only be able to get information tied to the Google account with which you’re logged into the Google Assistant.” In other words, there’s no easy voice interface on Pixel to manage both your work and personal lives, just as the Echo doesn’t know you like novels by Katie Crouch and your husband prefers Jim Harrison. Let’s watch (and listen) as this hurdle is resolved and new opportunities for conversational interfaces unfold.

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P.S.  Please enjoy this video of Ethan Bloch, CEO of savings bot Digit, from the recent Leaders Conference.

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Google Assistant on the Google Pixel XL.

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Robot. Credit: Khari Johnson

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Chatimity team at Freshdesk headquarters in San Francisco.

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