Tired of your mrggglrs accidentally mrggglrrlring your enemy’s mrrrglglgs? Then this mrgglgrrr news for you!

A new patch for Blizzard’s digital card game has made some changes and added new daily quests. These are tasks that reward players with in-game gold, which they can use to buy more cards and other goodies. Daily quests are a mechanic that incentivize people to log in daily, so adding more of them could keep player retention up.

Before, most quests revolved around winning with certain classes, doing a specific amount of damage, or casting so many spells. The 35 new quests add more variety, including having players use specific class card, play certain types of minions (like Beasts and Pirates), card types (like Divine Shield and Overload), or having them use their Hero power 30 times. The fansite Hearthhead has the full list.

The patch also changes how some Murloc cards work. Many of them used to buff all other Murlocs on the board. Now, they’ll only effect your own Murlocs. This will make those cards safer to use, since they can’t accidentally make opponents stronger. This will especially be true for Paladin, a class that has suffered to find a spot in the current game’s meta. However, it does have one popular deck centered around Anyfin Can Happen. Now, you can play that deck without worrying about accidentally making enemy Murlocs more powerful.

The update also adds new achievements, and it makes the appearance of cards from the newest set, One Night in Karazhan, as common as cards from others in Arena mode. Before, cards from the newest expansion would appear more frequently.