I don’t want to wait five more months to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch, but I’m gonna have to. But you can, however, get a taste of what the new system looks like in person on the 3D-model-sharing website Sketchfab.

Artist Shaderbytes has uploaded a computer-generated model of the Nintendo Switch in its handheld form to Sketchfab, and you can explore the hybrid console before its March release. Nintendo has already shown us a lot about the system in a debut trailer that launched last week, but Sketchfab enables you to manipulate and observe the gaming device from every angle. This should give you a decent idea of how the system looks, where all the buttons are, and more.

Go ahead and click on the 3D model below to mess around with it yourself:

You can even view the Switch in virtual reality if you have the means. To do so, you’ll need a either a mobile phone with Google Cardboard (or a similar phone-holding device) or a desktop headset like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. To get the model viewer up and running on a PC, you’ll need a WebVR-capable browser. I used the latest version of Windows Chromium from developer Brandon Jones. You can do the same — just follow the instructions here.

This 3D model is no replacement for the real thing, but Nintendo has said it doesn’t plan to share any more details on the device until 2017. If you’re starved for anything Switch related, then this may help satiate those cravings.