Xbox Live Gold members are getting another round of games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 at no additional charge in November.

This go around, the company and its partners are rolling out a handful of classics alongside a smaller indie game for anyone who pays the $60 per year or $10 per month for the Gold service. As always, Xbox One owners can also play the 360 games thanks to the system’s backward compatibility feature.

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you should make sure you already claimed your October games, and then check out what’s coming next month:

Xbox One

Super Dungeon Bros

Available: November 1
Developer: React Games

A multiplayer dungeon-crawler with beat-’em-up elements. The game procedurally generates each level with unique enemy encounters and puzzle combinations for you and your adventuring partners to overcome together.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Available: November 16
Developer: Airtight Games

A “supernatural detective thriller” that might’ve made more sense as an October game thanks to its spooky themes. This Square Enix joint has you investigating your own murder as a ghost, and it involves demons, spirits, and everything else that would make my religious aunt close her eyes and pray to Jesus.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Above: Murdered: Soul Suspect is not nearly as ridiculous as it sounds.

Image Credit: GamesBeat/Evan Killham

Xbox 360

Monkey Island: Special Edition

Available: November 1
Developer: LucasArts

The classic swashbuckling adventure game from LucasArts returns. It is playable now on Xbox One as well as Xbox 360, and it features remastered visuals and a button that will instantly switch back to the original graphics at any time.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Available: November 16
Developer: Ubisoft

Finally, the Xbox 360 neon shooter has players entering an alternate-history action movie from the 1980s. This game features interlaced scanlines, terrible oneliners, and homoerotic buddy-comedy overtones.