Everyone’s favorite zombie show is back on the air, but someone doesn’t want you to forget about its mobile game tie-in.

Last night, AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead returned for its seventh season. Now, developer Next Games has said that content for its turn-based mobile app No Man’s Land will hit throughout the run of the new episodes. This will include new characters and behind-the-scenes videos on the TV series. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land originally came out in September 2015. New content like this can entice old players to return and even attract new ones, which gives No Man’s Land a better opportunity to take advantage of the $36 billion mobile games market. According to Next Games, No Man’s Land has already found 15 million players. According to App Annie, it is currently the No. 63 game overall on the App Store.

“A game and a TV show have never been integrated in quite this way before, and we owe it to all the incredible support The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land received during its first year,” said Teemu Huuhtanen, chief executive officer of Next Games, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “We’re excited to work with AMC to expand the connections between the worlds of the TV series and game, giving fans an experience that continues to stay true to the show they love.”

The new content will unlock every Monday during the show’s new season, starting today. You can watch a trailer showing off the upcoming goodies below.