Forget about cigars — Cuba’s gaming business is about to open up.

Josuhe Pagliery is a multimedia artist and the founder of Empty Head Games, an independent development studio in Cuba. Now, the company is using Indigogo to try to fund Savior, which it is calling Cuba’s first indie game. Savior is a 2D platformer with hand-drawn animation. It is asking for $10,000, with $3,706 raised with a month left to go in its campaign. It is targeting an early 2018 release for PC and Mac.

Cuba’s gaming industry is in its infancy compared to what we have in the U.S., with the country only recently making internet access available for most citizens with public Wi-Fi hotspots. Most games in Cuba are pirated online.

“The limitations in Cuba, especially the lack of internet access, make it very challenging to develop a video game,” said Pagliery in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “But we’re confident that we can overcome them, especially with the help of the Indiegogo backers.”

You can watch a pitch video for Savior below.

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