Some outside help is stepping in to up the PlayStation 4’s controller game.

Sony has revealed two new “pro” controllers on its PlayStation Blog: the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution. Before third-party devices will come out before the end of year, although we do not know how much they will cost.

This could be Sony’s way of competing with Microsoft’s Elite controller for the Xbox One, which costs $150, has replaceable sticks, detachable back triggers, and the capability to turn hair triggers on. However, Microsoft itself makes the Elite controller, while Sony is leaving the creation of high-end controllers for the PlayStation 4 to third-parties. Microsoft also released a new Xbox One S controller, which sold 79,000 units in August. The Elite controller quickly sold out after it became available last year.

The Razer Raiju will have two extra bumpers and two detachable triggers, trigger-stop switches and hair trigger mode, detachable stick rubber caps, profile-switching, and a control panel in the front. The Nacon Revolution has four extra shortcut buttons, an eight-way D-pad, internal storage for additional weights, and room for four customization profiles.

The Nacon Revolution also has a different layout than most PlayStation 4 controllers, which have both sticks on the bottom. The Revolution has the left stick above the D-pad, which could make it an attractive option for gamers used to the setup of the Xbox One controller.

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