If you were a fan of Bravely Default on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system, you may have a new app to download.

Tokyo-based mobile publisher DeNA announced that it has a new role-playing game for mobile available now for iOS and Android devices. The free-to-play title is called Fantasica: Bloodlines, and Silicon Studio developed it. That’s the same company that made the popular Bravely Default (and its sequel, Bravely Second) for the 3DS, which attracted fans because of its retro, turn-based RPG mechanics and deep character progression. That prestige could help them create a hit for the $36 billion mobile games industry.

Bloodlines is actually a spin-off (or, as DeNA says in a press release sent to GamesBeat, a reimagining) of the 2012 mobile strategy game Fantasica, which DeNA says got more than 8 million downloads. Like Bravely Default, Bloodlines has that Eastern fantasy feel made famous by role-playing game series like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

This worldwide release is another example of DeNA trying to create a hit that can also appeal to a Western audience, even as the company recently closed its U.S. office. DeNA is also working with Nintendo to create mobile games based on its properties, including the upcoming Super Mario Run.