Google’s all-new Pixel-branded phone has gotten rave reviews across the board, but those seeking to buy one of the newfangled devices have been limited to one of four channels: the Google Store, Best Buy, Google’s own Project Fi wireless service, and Verizon.

That Verizon was given a network exclusive over the other “big three” U.S. networks was a major boon for the carrier; however, T-Mobile has come out all guns a-blazin’ and is offering Pixel owners the chance to get up to $325 back on their phone — if they sign up for a T-Mobile One Plan.

Given that they cost anything from $650 all the way up to $850 depending on the device configuration, Pixel phones are beyond the affordability of many people. Google offers a monthly payment plan through Google Store financing, Verizon offers a contract-based alternative, and now T-Mobile is looking to get in on the act through a side door.

“Don’t let the ‘exclusive’ advertisements fool you, the Pixel phone is tested and proven to be fantastic on our lightning fast network, and we want to help you get the best of both worlds,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, in a press release. “I’m a huge fan of what Google has done with the Pixel and now consumers can use it the way it should be used — with truly unlimited data on the fastest 4G LTE network in America.”

To take T-Mobile up on its offer, you need to show proof-of-purchase for your Pixel phone either in-store or through its online validation site, and you’ll receive a $13.55 discount on your monthly bill for two years, which is the equivalent of half the cost of a 32GB Pixel.

Obviously, if you’ve purchased a 128GB Pixel XL, which weighs in at around $850, then your savings won’t be quite so substantial. But still, it’s an interesting move by T-Mobile as it looks to thwart attempts from Google and Verizon to market the device as an exclusive single-carrier device.