Respawn Entertainment has had a lot more time to develop Titanfall 2, its new sci-fi shooter game, than the original Titanfall in 2014. The original game generated $500 million in sales, but it probably could have scooped up a lot more players.

So this time around, the team made sure that it had a single-player campaign with a motivating cinematic and a tutorial that leaves no players behind. I checked out the beginning of the game, which launches on October 28 on the Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4. The tutorial teaches you how to jump, run on walls, slide, double jump, and do it all at as fast a speed as possible. You can see in the video below what it’s like. You have to execute the tutorial on a time clock, and then you can play it again to try to beat your time. You’ll also judged on how well you do things like eliminate targets and use your mobility.

This title will have both a single-player campaign and multiplayer, with a total of six Titans and new features in combat, such as stealing batteries from the Titans and turning them over to your own team. The single-player campaign follows the growth of a Grunt soldier named Jack Cooper and his ambition to become a Titan pilot during the war between the Frontier Militia and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corp. (IMC).

Dusty Welch, chief operating officer at Respawn, and Drew McCoy, producer of Titanfall 2, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the single-player campaign also ratchets up the difficulty gradually. So even after the tutorial, you’ll start out with easier and simpler missions. Then, by the end of the campaign, you’ll be put into very complex and difficult battles. Check it out below.

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And I have also added the first 10 minutes of gameplay in the single-player campaign.