Why beg strangers for candy when you can enjoy some cheap games instead? Not that there’s anything wrong with trick-or-treating at 29 years old, mom.

Valve’s digital PC game store Steam is having another one of its sales events, offering massive price drops. The Halloween Steam Sale goes from today to November 1, and it features over 65 spooky games with discounts ranging from mild (15 percent) to huge (75 percent).

You probably don’t have the time or money to get all of them. That’s why we highlighted some of our favorite games in the Steam Halloween Sale below.

Trick or treat!

Above: Trick or treat!

Image Credit: 2K

BioShock Remastered

Price: $10 (50 percent off)

BioShock is one of the most atmospheric and creepy games ever, and it received a big graphical upgrade thanks to the recent remastering. You can that upgraded version for just $10. It’s worth revisiting if you haven’t traveled back to the underwater city of Rapture in some time, but you really need to check out BioShock if you’ve never played it before.

Resident Evil 4 characters Leon and Ashley get an HD upgrade.

Above: What better place to spend Halloween than a creepy castle?

Image Credit: Steam

Resident Evil 4

Price: $7 (65 percent off)

The best Resident Evil game is frighteningly (hooray for holiday-appropriate adjectives) cheap right now. Resident Evil 4 helped revitalize the third-person shooter with its over-the-shoulder camera. Although RE4 has a faster pace than its predecessors, the ammo scarcity and creepy enemies still make it a scary experience.

Inside E3 2016 01

Above: Nothing evil happening behind those windows.

Image Credit: Microsoft


Price: $17 (15 percent off)

Inside isn’t available at a huge discount, since this 2016 indie is also the newest game on this list. That means there’s a higher chance you haven’t tried it yet, and you really should! Inside is a 2D-sidescroller with a focus on puzzle-solving. But its strange, mysterious setting and story are plenty creepy for the Halloween season. Without uttering a word or displaying one line of text, Inside’s unsettling trip through a world where people are routinely captured and turned into mindless drones is perfect for the Halloween weekend.

In space, no one can hear you beg for ammo.

Above: In space, no one can hear you beg for ammo.

Image Credit: EA

Dead Space

Price: $5 (75 percent off)

Dead Space is kind of like Resident Evil 4 meets Alien. If you’re looking for a sci-fi twist for your Halloween scares, this is the ideal game for you. Monsters threaten your life behind every dark corridor, and your best chance at beating them actually requires you to precisely dismember them with a laser gun.


Above: Boo.

Image Credit: Samir Torres/GamesBeat

System Shock 2

Price: $2.50 (75 percent off)

Of course, Dead Space isn’t your only eerie sci-fi option in the Halloween sale. System Shock 2 is the oldest game on our list, originally coming out in 1999. But it still holds up as an eerie, moody experience. That makes sense, considering it was created by same folks who eventually made BioShoch, which was a spiritual successor to System Shock 2. This is also a good fit if you’re looking for something with more role-playing game elements.

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