Social is essential. Where else can you increase your brand’s visibility, have one-on-one conversations and turn skeptical browsers into totally sold buyers? Join the Director of Business Development at Reverb — the giant online music gear marketplace — for insights into making social a key step in the sales funnel and a cornerstone of your conversion strategy.

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“When it comes to the content that we produce, content is the bridge between our social media and the actual transaction,” says Jim Tuerk, director of business development at global music gear marketplace Reverb. Across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, all their content is designed to create community and drive ongoing engagement — with the understanding that the commerce may come weeks if not months later.

“Keeping that person engaged with awareness-focused campaigns, that’s bottom of the funnel,” he explains. And their community-building philosophy helps net them 8 million visitors a month, all of whom they can groom with an eye toward conversion.

But specifically targeting that content is essential. Their audience is comprised of musicians — but even among each instrument category there are potentially dozens of segments by style, genre, experience, and more. “Having a very broad target actually limits the amount of authenticity and authority that your copy and your ad creative would have,” he says.

But, Tuerk warns, “If you’re all about selling, you’re not going to get results. And that’s one of the reasons that we don’t really utilize Buy buttons on our social media like other people do.” Companies with a specialized range of products can leverage the Buy button in a very literal way, but for most companies, the strength of social media is the social aspect of it — and getting that right is what turns clicks into conversions.

“The way that I’m able to utilize my social media is really to drive engagement while also still looking at conversion models and optimizing for that,” he explains. “But also really looking it at through the lens of, how can I get people to interact with my ecosystem, knowing full well that they will convert at some point in the lifetime of being a customer of ours.”

Superb content, carefully curated, is your most powerful tool. “It’s really easy for anybody to get someone to click on an ad; it’s really hard to get a conversion,” Tuerk says. “So really think about where you’re taking them, how it looks on the page, how it feels — and tailoring different content and different landing pages to be optimized for particular audiences.”

Plus, he adds, “We make it very, very easy for people to share, and provide strong calls to action to share so that we can continue our reach outside of our current networks.”

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