Activision’s Infinity Ward studio posted the insights that it learned from the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta and how it is changing the game as a result.

The beta ran for the last two weekends, with players from all over the world participating. Infinite Warfare is the newest entry in the Call of Duty series that has generated more than $15 billion over the last 13 years. But this title is very different, as it represents Call of Duty’s first foray into space and sci-fi weaponry.

“During the beta, we wanted to not only test a variety of new things, such as our new matchmaking system, but we also wanted to hear all your feedback to help balance the game,” the studio said. “We’ve been making adjustments since the beta and below are the details on the changes you’ll see heading into launch day. Again, thank you for your support, and we’ll see you online.”

The developers have tweaked the consistency and long-range damage of the shotguns. The sniper weapons have some changes, including more flinch for the sniper when getting shot. The Howitzer grenade launcher can now be fired from the hip, instead of requiring full aiming down the sight. Health-regeneration time has been reduced. The THOR rockets have more speed and damage.

In domination, when you step off a flag, the capture bar progress starts to decay — but at a slower rate. The developers also adjusted player matchmaking.

All told, Infinity Ward pointed out dozens of changes. And please check out our story on the Call of Duty: Roman Wars prototype developer who shifted into VR porn.

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