The Blizzard-run World Championships for Hearthstone are going on right now, but you can help get a future, independent tournament get funded right now.

Jason “Amaz” Chan, a popular broadcaster and player of the market-leading digital card game, announced a second season of the Amaz Team Championships. The first Amaz Team Championships had the largest prize pool of any non-Blizzard backed Hearthstone tournament with $250,000. But the second season isn’t guaranteed. Amaz has turned to Kickstarter to help fund the tournament, seeking a goal of $206,322 (that number only looks random because it’s converted from $1.6 million Hong Kong dollars). This time, the prize pool is only starting at $100,000. However, it can go up if the Kickstarter exceeds its goal.

Like the first Amaz Team Championships, the second season will be an invitational event focusing on popular Hearthstone personalities, competitors, and streamers.

“Whether it has been through their streams, video content, or tournament participation over the years, this is my way of saying ‘Thanks for being involved in the community!'” Amaz explained in the Kickstarter page.

The $206,322 Amaz is hoping to raise isn’t just for prizes. The money will help pay for production costs, travel, securing a venue, promotion, Kickstarter rewards, and more. Speaking of Kickstarter rewards, you can pledge $9,670 to earn the highest backer title of Grand Master, which provides you and your friends travel to the event and even lets you stream with Amaz.

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