GamesBeat is doing a podcast called GamesBeat Decides. We’re starting today with a test episode because we need to figure out our audio quality, interactions with listeners, and a lot more. This means we are looking for feedback from you about what you like and what you can’t stand. Go ahead and send your complaints, insults, and suggestions to

Each week on GamesBeat Decides, we pick a handful of topics to argue over. At the end of each discussion, our team comes up with an official decision that is the undisputed truth. Our usual cast includes GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb, managing editor Jason Wilson, writer/community manager Mike Minotti, and lead writer Dean Takahashi.

Here’s what we are deciding this week:

  • Will the Nintendo Switch succeed?
  • Is Bethesda smart for ending the practice of early review copies for critics?
  • What are the top 3 best console controllers (prior to this current generation)?

Have something to say about our decisions? Send your thoughts to, and we may read your response on the air in the “You’re Wrong!” section.

We’ll have the show up on iTunes and wherever you download podcasts in the near future. For now, go ahead and watch/listen on YouTube:

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