I need to file an HR complaint against a co-worker. Fellow GamesBeat writer Mike Minotti turned into a skeleton and made me curse and bite my tongue. Pretty sure that’s against our code of conduct.

Hide and Shriek is a new $5 Steam game that enables two players to compete as ghosts in a high school, and it is the tool that Mike used to harass me. The goal is to get points by collecting powerups, retrieving special orbs, and scaring your foe. You can set traps to slow down one another, and you have a big jump-scare attack that penalizes your foe by deducting points from their score.

Since it’s Halloween, Mike and I (GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb), decided to boot the game up and have a go. The result was humiliating for me, and not only because I screamed like a child.

Go ahead and check out the video below to watch us play:

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