One of the most interesting game studios of the modern era has given us a small glimpse of its future.

In a Tweet today, Thatgamecompany posted an image of one candle lighting another. The developer confirmed to GamesBeat that this picture is a tease for its next project. It also opened a new Twitter account, @thatnextgame. Thatgamecompany is known for its artistic design, which includes the serene Flower and the majestic Journey.

We don’t know anything about the project expect the cryptic words in the tweet “A game about giving.” But considering the peaceful nature of Thatgamecompany’s catalog, it likely won’t include death and destruction.

The Los Angeles-based Thatgamecompany was founded in 2006. Its first game, Flow, came out for Adobe Flash that same year and then to the PlayStation 3 in 2007. That started a long relationship with Sony, which also published Flower and Journey. We do not know if Sony will be publishing this new title.