Nintendo is moving on to a new generation of hardware in March with the Switch, but it looks like those old Mii avatars may stick around.

The publisher released a special trailer for its upcoming Japanese release Miitopia on 3DS today. Those with a Japanese 3DS can download the demo of Miitopia, and the game will put your Mii character (the one you made as your digital representation in Nintendo games) into a narrative-based trailer. Nintendo is planning a Nintendo Direct video event to explain the game in its home country later this week, and Miitopia will launch in December for Japan. The company hasn’t said anything about bringing it to those of us in other territories.

While you may have trouble checking out the Miitopia demo for yourself, GoNintendo reporter Daan Koopman uploaded some footage of the trailer in action. You can see that the demo puts Daan’s Mii into the action, which looks like a mixture of Tomodachi Life and a fantasy role-playing game:

As for what the game plays like, it looks like you and your friends’ Miis will take on specialized roles — like wizard, knight, and paladin — to fight off bosses and take on quests. On top of that, your Miis will interact with one another in what almost looks like a Fire Emblem-esque partner system.

Nintendo has explored using Mii characters to produce emergent stories in games before with Tomodachi Life. That game has players managing an island of Miis that can dance, get married, and vote. Miitopia takes some of those elements and potentially puts them in a more traditional gaming experience.

Because, of course, nothing is more traditional than fighting an evil wizard alongside Miis of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.