When CastAR’s head-mounted display launches, it’s going to need content. And the company is taking steps to ensure that happens.

CastAR revealed today that it has hired former Eat Sleep Play developers to work at its first-party studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Eat Sleep Play was responsible for the PlayStation 3 Twisted Metal in 2012 as well as recent mobile games like Running With Friends and Ice Age: Arctic Blast. Industry veteran Scott Campbell, who founded Eat Sleep Play, is bringing an undisclosed number of his team members with him to take on the challenge of AR game development.

CastAR is a pair of glasses that is capable of projecting digital images onto the real world. It is similar to systems like Microsoft’s HoloLens and the Magic Leap. CastAR launches in 2017.

“Eat Sleep Play had a 20-year track record of pleasing gamers by contributing to countless top rated console and mobile franchises, from Twisted Metal to Warhawk and more and we are thrilled to have their experienced developers join the CastAR Salt Lake City team,” CastAR president and chief operating officer Steve Parkis said in a statement. “The continued expansion of our development staff brings together an all-star content creation team focused on developing augmented reality experiences and increases our momentum towards launching the first mass-market augmented reality gaming platform.”

This is the latest move from CastAR. The company previously hired former Disney Infinity developers from Avalanche after The Walt Disney Company shut that game down. CastAR also brought in former PlayStation marketing boss Peter Dille as its chief marketing officer and ex-LucasArts chief Darrell Rodriguez as its CEO.

CastAR has a lot to prove, but with all these pieces falling into place, CastAR is positioning itself for a major launch in 2017.