Right away, you learn that Infinite Warfare isn’t your normal Call of Duty. It’s a war for resources, alright. But it takes place in space.

The prologue of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare begins with a special forces mission on one of Jupiter’s moons. The evil Settlement Defense Front, which is out to dominate Earth in a war for the solar system’s resources, has taken over a weapons facility on Europa. Your job is to lead a team of three soldiers to destroy a prototype weapon and torch the site.

The SDF has already taken over. So you have to move covertly at first to take back the facility. But soon enough, the battle gets hot, and you have to use Seeker and Anti-Gravity grenades to take out large numbers of SDF soldiers. It’s quite satisfying to see the Seeker grenade crawl out like a spider and target an enemy for explosion. And the anti-grav grenades make all the soldiers in a given area lose their grip on the surface and float upward. Then you can pick them off quite easily. Those grenades help you turn the odds in the battle.

But then you have to battle with a big robot, dubbed a C12, using the experimental weapon. That battle proved so tough I had to fight it over and over. And then you meet Admiral Salen Kotch, portrayed by actor Kit Harrington, who also plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.

It’s an intense beginning to a non-stop war in space.┬áHere’s an edited video of the first 15 minutes of the single-player campaign.