Blizzard didn’t announce an expansion, but Diablo III is getting plenty of new content in the future.

The publisher announced during its massive BlizzCon fan event today in Anaheim, California, that a future update will bring some nostalgic additions. This year marks the franchise’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, an update called The Darkening of Tristram will re-create the original game inside Diablo III. It will even include graphical filters that make Tristram look pixelated and older. The anniversary patch will be available to play on test servers next week.

Next year, Blizzard will offer the Necromancer for sale, who commands the forces of the undead. It was a popular class in Diablo II. You will need to own both the base game and the Reaper of Souls expansion to purchase it, although Blizzard has not said how much it will cost.

Diablo III originally came out for PC in 2012, with console versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 following in 2013. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of the game released in 2014 along with the first expansion, Reaper of Souls. That update fixed many complaints players had with the original game, including adding new end-game content and increasing the frequency of rare item drops. Reaper of Souls also added the Cruasder character class.

Many expected Blizzard to announce a new expansion for Diablo III. Instead, it seems to be spreading out new content via a series of updates. Next year, Blizzard will also add two new zones for Diablo III: Shrouded Moors and Temple of the First Born.