Loyalty is the age-old metric that can make or break your business; AI is the hot new technology that’s transforming marketing as we know it. May-December romance? These marketing masters think so. Join this VB Live event for insight into how AI messaging can more than triple engagement.

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Your customers may like artificial intelligence more than they like you. A lot more. For instance, loyalty app Flok found that when AI is at the wheel, push marketing designed to boost customer engagement and loyalty suddenly performs significantly better. 3.8 times better than messages sent by humans, in fact.

While that might not be great for egos, it’s exceptional news when it comes to your bottom line. Loyalty, the most ephemeral of all customer metrics is also, arguably, the most important of all them.

But the face of loyalty has changed. While rewards and incentives still move the needle (and probably always will), customers increasingly demand to be seen and be heard as unique individuals with particular needs. And they’re always going to reward the businesses that can treat them like special snowflakes, instead of treat them to a blizzard of non-specific messages.

Personalized, one-to-one messaging at scale? That’s got artificial intelligence written all over it. It’s the only way a brand can reach into an audience of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and pluck out an individual’s need, intent or preference in real-time. It’s the only way to understand each customer as an individual, piecing together thousands or millions of interactions to create a fully realized data set that delivers something far beyond numbers: insight.

But not just insights — actionable insights that surprise, delight, and deliver the kind of personalized messaging, offers, and exceptional customer service that drives enduring, rock-solid loyalty.

The biggest obstacle is getting it right the first time — and there’s a lot to get right, from security and privacy issues to data integration challenges and decisions about whether to build, partner or buy.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll:

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  • Cut through the hype around chat bots and learn what really matters
  • Understand privacy issues around AI and how it may impact your org’s security
  • Integrate a successful marketing campaign using chatbot interactions


  • Stewart Rogers, Director of marketing technology, VentureBeat
  • Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat