LG today announced that it’s starting to roll out Android 7.0 Nougat to its G5 smartphone that launched early this year — but initially only in its home market of South Korea. The update will eventually come to the G5 in other countries.

People with the G5 in “the Americas, Asia, and other markets” will get the new version of Android in the weeks to come, LG said in a statement.

LG got attention in September for shipping the premium V20 phablet with Android 7.0 Nougat. It was, in fact, the first phone to come out with that version of Android. Now it’s coming to the G5, which is a high-end model that was distinctive primarily because of its ability to support modular hardware attachments.

“Most G5 users will receive notifications on their phones when the update is available,” LG said.

That a device maker is pushing the latest version of Android to one of its top-tier mobile devices is important, as Android Nougat has such a large share of the market currently. Earlier today, Google said that just 0.3 percent of Android devices are running Nougat.