You don’t have to settle for imitation retro controllers — you can use the real thing.

Hyperkin, a gaming peripheral maker, is introducing several new products that will work with NES Classic Edition device that Nintendo will launch on November 11. This is an all-in-one miniaturized throwback to the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System that comes with 30 games built in and a single NES-style controller with a cord that is only about 3 feet long. That is hilariously short, and companies like MyArcade are launching alternatives to solve the issue. Hyperkin, meanwhile, is debuting a $10 NES to NES Classic Adapter that enables you to plug in any old NES controller that you have lying around or that you pick up from Goodwill. Without this device, folks looking to relive their childhood memories will have to use one of Nintendo’s NES Gamepad re-creations that it is manufacturing new.

“The NES Classic Edition is a great idea,” said Hyperkin product developer, Chris Gallizzi. “We wanted to help deliver an even more authentic experience by letting people use the controllers they actually grew up with.”

Of course, you can also purchase one of Hyperkin’s N85 NES joypads, which is one of the better replicas available for purchase on the internet. Or you can get Hyperkin’s NES Classic Controller extension cable, which adds another 6 feet to the cord.

But, for me, I’m going to stick with the same NES controller I’ve had since I was a kid. I’m glad that I can get that thing out of the drawer, and that I don’t have to sit on the floor like a toddler just because I wanna play some 2D Mario games.