Now everyone can try out future Xbox One updates before they launch.

Microsoft announced today some big changes to its Xbox Preview Program, which allowed Xbox One owners to test new features for the Xbox One console. The console-maker is rebranding it at the Xbox Insider Program. While the Preview Program was only available to invited players, the new one will be open to all.

This will significantly increase the amount of feedback Microsoft will receive on major system updates for the Xbox One, especially compared to its competitor, Sony’s PlayStation 4 (which still uses a beta program that players have to sign up for and then hope to get invited to join). These updates impact the way the system’s interface looks and feels while adding major new features.┬áThe next Xbox One update is focusing on social features, including new tools to find people to play games with and way to create groups based on similar interests. Allowing everyone to provide feedback can ensure that these changes will please more players when they officially come out.

“More fans will have the ability to provide feedback directly from their Xbox One consoles,” Microsoft noted on its Xbox Wire site. “The Xbox Insider Hub will provide great opportunities to try out games, apps, and other console experiences.”

The Xbox Insider Program also allows for multiple profiles on the same console to join and provide separate feedback on new features. If you’re already in the Xbox Preview Program, you’ll automatically update to the new service.