Sony is updating its console with an awesome new sharing feature.

PS4 GIF capabilities in action.

Above: PS4 GIF capabilities in action.

Image Credit: Sony

The PlayStation 4 can now create and share animated GIFs. Sony Interactive Entertainment is rolling out an update to the Sharefactory app on PS4 that introduces a number of new capabilities on top of the ability to share looping, moving images from your gameplay. You can now capture gameplay at a higher resolution if you have a PS4 Pro (launching November 10 — read our review), and a photo mode enables you to add filters and arrange collages.

The update also brings with it faster export times as well as “troll stickers” and an “internet meme” font, which is exactly the kind of hell I want to continue living in.

But, hey! GIFs!

“We’re excited about the new animated GIF feature, which can be easily shared to Twitter right from your console via Sharefactory,” Sony producer Stuart Platt wrote in a blog post. “Using content from your Capture Gallery or your existing Sharefactory projects, you can create looping animated GIFs up to 10 seconds long. Sharefactory is currently the only way to create and share animated GIFs on PS4.”

This is a feature that the Xbox One does not have baked in — although making GIFs from clips on that system is still easy thanks to the openness of the GameDVR system. If you record a clip, it should show up automatically on under your Gamertag. You can then use a smartphone or computer or the Xbox One browser to cut a GIF together to share wherever you want.

The benefit of Sony’s solution is that it’s all built into the platform, which is something that a lot of players prefer.