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While there are more than 34,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger, finding one you want to try can be a vexing experience. As we’ve reported before, there is not yet a Bot Store for Messenger. But this week, the social networking giant took one small step towards connecting users with the bots they seek by allowing developers to begin advertising them in the Facebook news feed.

Of course, Facebook’s motives are self-interested. The company makes money from advertising after all. But the change is something that developers had clamored for since Facebook opened Messenger to bots in the spring. It also followed measures this summer that allowed chatbots to send subscription-based messages, as well as promotional messaging, to their users.

On balance, then, while it’s hardly a giant leap towards a Bot Store, the ability of developers to promote their bots will help users find and access them.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video of Facebook Messenger’s David Marcus in “Bots: What are they good for?” from Web Summit 2016.

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