Remember that time you complained about how unfair a game is only to find out that you really didn’t try that hard in the first place? You’re not alone.

Dion Anderson, a game streamer known as PaperBat, just had a rough experience in Nintendo’s Paper Mario: Color Splash for the Wii U. After struggling to figure out how to get past a certain area in the game, he stumbled across a solution that involved sailing through the water in a bucket until a bridge raised up. PaperBat took issue with that and started laying into Nintendo for its shoddy design because he believed that the game gave no indication that the bridge worked like that.

PaperBay’s rant did not last long because — hell, just watch the video to the right.

If you can’t see the clip or aren’t allowed to watch at work, it shows PaperBat complaining about the game not telling him about the bridge only to immediately talk to a character who explains how the bridge works. This leads him to throw down his controller in disgust with himself before walking out of the frame.

Don’t worry, Dion. We’ve all been there.