Logitech G Pro

  • Pricing: $70
  • Availability: Out now

Logitech’s never-ceasing battle to win over competitive gamers has brought us to the G Pro gaming mouse, and everyone at all skill levels should benefit from this device.

The Logitech G Pro builds a high-quality optical sensor, a texturized scroll wheel, and a responsive buttons into a mouse that looks a lot like the standard mice I’ve used for years. The benefits of that are that it is instantly familiar, but it can actually keep up with the most intense gaming sessions. And while the DeathAdder Elite still wins with me, I can give you plenty of reasons to potentially consider Logitech’s offering instead.

What you’ll like

Sleek, simple design

The G Pro has a familiar feel that gives it an almost timeless quality. Its gentle curves meld right into your hand, and you won’t have to spend any time getting accustomed to its idiosyncrasies, as it doesn’t really have any. Instead, you just get an all-around excellent device that uses quality plastics that your fingers will find pleasant to the touch. You also get clicky, springy buttons that can handle rapid-fire actuation.

Logitech’s great design extends to the scroll wheel, the gliding nubs, and the braided cable. The wheels texture easily catches your fingerprint, and it is wide enough that you’ll have no trouble blindly finding it in the heat of the moment. The nubs, where the mouse makes contact with a pad, are slick and ideal for any material that is compatible with an optical mouse. On top of that, Logitech’s Spectrum RGB lighting is as gorgeous and eye-catching as ever. It all comes together to make the mouse feel distinct from other devices and special, without having to fly in your face with sci-fi spaceship-style flourishes.

Great performance

Logitech’s gaming mouse also has no trouble keeping up with hand movements. Its optical sensor is so accurate that even wildly flinging your hand to one side and then back again shouldn’t throw off its positioning, which is what you want from a mouse in the price range.

Those springy, easy-to-hit buttons also perform under pressure. The mouse never lost any of my inputs. Now, I’m not a pro StarCraft 2 player, but I can still pound a left-click without mercy. And the G Pro is up to that challenge.

On-board memory

Finally, one of the best things about the G Pro is that it really is for the traveling professional gamer who might end up playing on a rig that isn’t theirs. Instead of storing your personalized mouse settings on your system or in the cloud, Logitech has given this mouse built-in memory. That means you can take it with you and start playing without having to fiddle with proprietary software. That’s also great for anyone who may move between gaming on a desktop and a laptop.

What you won’t like

Buttons are a little too easy to click

While the Pro’s buttons are fast and responsive, they are also a bit too easy to engage on accident — at least for my 33-year-old fingers. Compared to some other mice, I found myself regularly hitting both the index-finger inputs and the left-side buttons without intention. That’s not the end of the world, but there are some comparable mice that don’t have this issue.

A little small for my hands

The G Pro is a bit too small for me. I think I might have slightly larger than average hands — I don’t know how you measure something like that — but Logitech’s gaming mouse doesn’t fill out my palm and support all of my fingers the way something like the Razer DeathAdder does. This is not a defect with this mouse, and you shouldn’t take this as a negative. Instead, I’m just trying to provide you with as much information as possible if you are looking to make a purchasing decision.


The Logitech G Pro is a great gaming mouse, and it’s probably the best for a lot of people. I prefer the DeathAdder and its ergonomics, but that is something that might not appeal to kids or people with shorter digits. But beyond the shape and size, the G Pro has all the features and capabilities that you need to stay competitive in online games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Logitech provided GamesBeat with a sample of the Logitech G Pro for the purposes of this review. It is out now for $70.