The PlayStation 4 Pro is out now, and maybe you want to know what it has on the inside. Well, don’t get out your toolbox to take it apart, because someone else already has.

VirtualFutureTV on YouTube has published a video of a complete unmaking of the PS4 Pro (read our review). This will enable us to finally discover if Sony has packed the system with depleted uranium, because what the hell else could make the damn thing so heavy? Unlike with laptops or other devices where you get a detailed list of specifications, opening up a PS4 Pro is important because Sony doesn’t tell everyone exactly what’s inside.

While the video doesn’t break down the PS4 Pro by component, it does reveal a few new elements of Sony’s design. For example, the company is using copper thermal sinks to dissipate heat. You can also get an up-close view of the new AMD Radeon Polaris APU that runs the Pro. This is a chip that combines the central processing and video processing on one chip, and it implements the 16nm process of AMD’s Polaris architecture. The 16nm processors on the chip, as opposed to the 28nm design on the original PS4, is one of the key reasons the Pro can render so much more without generating a ton of extra heat and drawing an inordinate amount of power.

Go ahead and click play on the video at the top if you want to see the innards of the machine yourself, and then watch our review below to see whether or not you should want one yourself.

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