Gaming’s favorite plumbler is getting ready to take a big bite out of Apple.

Nintendo announced today that its mobile platformer Super Mario Run is coming out for iPhone and iPad running iOS 8.0 or later on December 15. Players can download the app for free and try a limited amount of content, but you’ll need to pay $10 to unlock the full game.

While this is Nintendo’s second mobile game created in partnership with DeNA, Super Mario Run has a lot of intrigue behind it. Unlike Miitomo, an app that doesn’t feature a famous Nintendo brand that came out earlier this year, Super Mario Run stars the famous plumber. The Mario series has sold over 310 million games over since Super Mario Bros. came out in 1985. It’ll be interesting to see if that success can transfer over to the $36 billion mobile games business. It’ll also have the challenge of being a premium game in a field dominated by free-to-play titles.

“The wait is almost over for a Super Mario game that can be played on mobile devices,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Developed under the direction of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run brings a new take on the series’ beloved action-platforming gameplay to iPhone and iPad for the first time.”

Super Mario Run is an auto-runner, meaning that Mario himself always moves forward, while players tap the screen to make him jump, collect items, and avoid obstacles.