This might be a good reason to give The Elder Scrolls Online another chance if you’re wondering what adventuring in Tamriel is like after over two years of updates.

Bethesda announced today that its online role-playing game will be available to play for free on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac during this weekend. Bethesda’s definition of “the weekend” is pretty loose, however, as the publisher noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat that the Free Play Weekend starts on PlayStation 4 tomorrow November 16 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern for PlayStation 4 and 1 p.m. Eastern via Steam on PC and Mac. The event ends Sunday, November 20.

Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t have a monthly subscription, as World of Warcraft does, but you still need to purchase the base game in order to play it, so it isn’t true free-to-play. The MMO is also available for Xbox One. Bethesda noted that a Free Play Weekend will come to that version of the game, saying that it will reveal information on one “soon.”

The Free Play Weekend gives players access to the latest version of the MMO, Tamriel Unlimited, which introduced level-scaling. This enables players to explore any area they want, without worrying about being too weak or strong for it. Players will also get 500 free crowns, ESO’s premium currency that you can use to buy cosmetic items and helpful scrolls.

The Elder Scrolls Online originally came out in 2014. Before that, the series was all about single-player experiences. The MMO was criticized for its restrictive systems, which Bethesda has changed over the years with Tamriel Unlimited and the removal of a paid subscription.