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Tech history is rife with epic competition between giants. Think Apple vs. Microsoft,  Nintendo vs. Sega, or Intel vs. AMD, to name a few. But these may pale when compared to the coming fight between messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, and many others for the hearts, minds, and wallets of billions of users. There will also be pitched battles for the world’s workplaces between the likes of Slack, Cisco, Spark, and Microsoft.

Thanks to chatbots and other integrated services, the lines are being drawn. Bots help keep users “inside” the messaging platforms on which they reside, effectively turning the apps into walled gardens. If you and your social circle rely on, say, Messenger to communicate, make plans, and buy things, why would you use any other platform?

The race to be the top messaging platform in markets defined by geography and user behaviors is already underway. As Line CEO Takeshi Idezawa told VentureBeat, “Once a major app has a very significant or high share of the market, it is very difficult to replace it.”

Line and its competitors are betting on the law of big numbers: Become the top messaging app in a particular market and organic growth follows. And when it’s done, they’ll have carved up the world as if playing a game of Risk.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video about chatbots and digital assistants that use natural language processing, as demonstrated at Google I/O, Microsoft Build, and Facebook F8.

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