We are still about four months away from the launch of Nintendo’s next console, but one dude already got his hands on one … well, a fake one.

CNC, the same design firm that made that fake NX earlier this year, has done it again with the Nintendo Switch. To help YouTube channel EWNetwork make a funny video about taking the Switch to a strip club, CNC Designs built a complete replica of the hybrid home/handheld console.

Rebuilding the Switch in CAD.

Above: Rebuilding the Switch in CAD.

Image Credit: CNC Design

In the video, which you can watch above, you can see how CNC pieced together a 3D model of the Switch using the images and trailers that Nintendo has released so far. Once that model was complete, CNC used 3D printing, laser cutting, and more to make its faux Switch look as realistic as possible.

It is impressive to see all the work that goes into a model of a modern console. Every piece required an enormous amount of attention and detailing. And the video shows how you cannot just 3D print something that comes out looking professional. Instead, CNC had to sand, paint, and use machines worth thousands of dollars to get its Switch looking just right.

Now, CNC’s replica cannot play games. It is just a dumb box with no internal processors of any kind. But it looks realistic enough that it is difficult to distinguish from the legitimate article in the EWNetwork video. And, who knows, maybe some enterprising outfits in China will take this idea and put some processors in it and release the Intendo Witch system before Nintendo even launches the real thing.