Get on Twitter and ask Neil deGrasse Tyson to list the mathematical constants of the universe, and he will say the speed of light, that pi is 3.14…, and that FIFA games always have insane glitches.

It’s an annual ritual for FIFA fans to compile montages of the strangest-looking bugs in Electronic Arts’ soccer game, and the 2016 version is no different. Except that maybe these aren’t glitches at all. The fellows that run the Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel on YouTube have shown that FIFA 17 glitches can totally happen in real life.

This could happen during an Premier League match.

Above: This could happen during an Premier League match.

Image Credit: Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

I’ll never forget the 2015 UEFA match where Barcelona striker┬áLuis Su├írez spent more than 40 minutes of the match trying to get out from underneath the heel of Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny. There’s a reason they call it the beautiful game.