AptoZen, a San Francisco-based company announces the launch of its cloud technology for solving hiring problems by synthesizing three decades of talent acquisition experience, data science and organizational change management knowhow. The new group will be led by Tech executive, Mukund Sundaram, a 20-year Silicon Valley veteran whose career has spanned leadership roles in Technology, SaaS and Consulting.

AptoZen is one of the first Predictive Talent Acquisition platforms with cognitive computing capability. The platform crunches structured and unstructured human capital data including market scarcity, hiring trends, employee engagement, HR information and social media to deliver future-looking hiring insights that drive innovation. What’s unique about AptoZen is its human touch, enabling companies to get pre-vetted candidate pools curated by experts who’ve built successful teams themselves. Companies then directly start the final interview process with their curated candidates. The AptoZen platform helps companies predict and visualize which candidates are most likely to succeed and fit their evolution, even before hiring starts.

“Every business or tech leader faces the problem, ‘How do I find the right innovators for my team? How successful will they be?'” says John Wilhelm, Chairman. “AptoZen solves this problem by providing a turn-key SMaaS (Sourcing and Matching as a Service) platform for just-in-time top quality hiring. Our solution helps customers by quickly informing them of long-term business success with the right hires. AptoZen believes that hiring is as much science as it is art.”

Based in San Francisco, AptoZen provides companies with pre-hire information to increase the probability of finding a great hire. Per a study by the Aberdeen Group, the cost of replacing an entry level employee is 30-50% of the person’s annual salary and, for mid and senior-level employees, it can reach 150–400%. By harnessing big data, AptoZen enables companies to significantly reduce hiring costs and drive innovation with the right hires. “AptoZen was created with a lofty goal. We’re here to change the way the world hires! We reveal who the candidates are beyond just a resume while also uncovering the brand appeal of a company beyond just a job description. Our mantra is 10/10/10 – 10 times faster, 10 times more cost effective, 10 times better hiring quality!” says Sundaram.

By seamlessly connecting companies to job-seekers through advanced talent analytics and human touch, AptoZen is revolutionizing the way the world recruits and hires, ushering in a new era in talent acquisition.

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About AptoZen

AptoZen is a fully funded tech venture of Intrax, a global organization that believes in connecting people through cultural exchanges. Intrax has operations in more than 100 countries worldwide and offers exchange programs, international au pairs, work travel and global internships.

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