Etermax, the South American game developer that gave us Trivia Crack, is launching a new match-3 puzzle game Melody Monsters.

Melody Monsters is the newest game from the makers of Trivia Crack.

Above: Melody Monsters is the newest game from the makers of Trivia Crack.

Image Credit: Etermax

The title debuts on Thanksgiving, and it’s the eighth game from Buenos Aires-based Etermax. The company hopes the universal language of music will help it stand out in the ultra-competitive $36 billion mobile game industry.

In Melody Monsters, music takes center stage. The game’s character, young Melody, invites users on an adventure in a musical world where evil villains will try to silence her tunes. The game takes you through musical genres like classical, jazz, rock & roll, reggae, disco, and many more, all of which appear in magical lands inhabited by musical monsters.

“Melody Monsters is Etermax’s new initiative into which we have poured all the know-how and experience we’ve acquired in the development of games for the whole family,” said Ezequiel Mottillo, creative director of Etermax, in a statement. “In this way, we have created a game which combines all the addictive elements of puzzles with something that can be understood by every generation and every culture: music.”

The game will serve as an introduction to the most relevant musical genres in history. In each stage, users will recognize melodies from the genre’s most influential artists as they learn fun facts about these musical styles along the way.

“We want to give users a new challenge that mixes fun and wit. Our aim is to create an environment where these elements can be combined with the discovery of new music in a natural and effortless way while we provide a fun learning experience to families both within and outside academic settings,” said Maximo Cavazzani, Etermax CEO, in a statement.

The free-to-play game will be available on iOS and Android on Thursday in 18 languages. Founded in 2009, Etermax’s games include Aworded Crack, WordCrack, Trivia Crack, and Trivia Crack Kingdoms. Trivia Crack became the fifth most-played game worldwide, with more than 200 million downloads. The company has more than 250 employees.