Finland is living in the future, and the rest of the world can only sit back and marvel.

The sauna-loving population of this frozen Scandinavian country is once again breaking new ground, thanks to the forward-thinking city planners of a small town west of Helsinki named “Lohja.” The town is in the process of approving plans for construction of a new business and commercial district but was having a hard time coming up with original names that didn’t rely on the tried-and-true references to birds and other nature crap.

So the city decided to propose a couple of names with a more modern flavor: “Meme Street” and Emoji Street.” (Meemikatu and Emojikatu, in Finnish).

According to Finnish news site Nyt, the names sprang from the mind of town architect Juha Anttila.

“Many of the typical names have already been used, Blueberry Road, Birch Roads, and others,” said Anttila, who suggested it’s high time for names that reflect our modern lives.

The proposal is scheduled to be voted on early next year. Meanwhile, the Finnish on Twitter have taken up the call and offered other suggestions: LOL Street, Vlogger Street, Dongle Street.

Finland is already ahead of the curve in terms of culture and tech, thanks to the national government’s adoption of an official emoji to represent the country last year. Naturally, the emoji are two naked people in a sauna.

Finland's national emoji

Above: Finland’s national emoji