Hordes of iconic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons have appeared in video games — Beholders, Mind Flayers, and even Tiamat, the five-headed queen of evil dragons, show up at one time or another. It’s time for some of the lesser-known beasts to shine — and learn more about the famous monsters as well.

D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast released Volo’s Guide to Monsters, its latest guidebook for the renown role-playing game, earlier this month. The tome collects a batch of monsters that reach back to D&D‘s earliest editions, including the long-missing fan favorite Froghemoth.

As I flipped through Volo’s pages, I started to realize how cool it would be to encounter a Froghemoth in a video game. Or a Morkoth — but those creatures have never made the leap from the page and into a PC or console game. So here’s a small collection of cool monsters from the book that have never graced D&D‘s digital counterparts but definitely should.