GitHub, the company that offers free and enterprise versions of source code repository software based on the Git open-source software, today unveiled its latest product: a plush doll in the form of its Octocat mascot. It costs $30.

It’s cute. It’s got those big eyes and those eight signature tentacles. People will buy them. In a couple of years, technology workers’ children will be inevitably toting them around or tucking them in bed at home.

“Just don’t feed these octocats. They’re already stuffed,” Brandi Firestine, whose official title at GitHub is Shoptocat — meaning she works with GitHub merchandise — wrote in a blog post.

GitHub even made a really cute video to mark the debut of the doll, which fittingly goes by the name Octoplush.

GitHub is not the first tech company to make a doll. Salesforce has done that for its mascot, SaaSy.

But if I’m being honest, the Octoplush is cuter. Sorry, Mr. Benioff.

Tivo has made a doll of its mascot, which is a TV with two goofy antennas.

Tivo mascot doll.

Above: Tivo mascot doll.

Image Credit: Screenshot

But it doesn’t even have eyes. The Octoplush is definitely a better companion.

You can buy the Octoplush here. Or if a little figurine is more your speed, GitHub has that too, in three-inch and five-inch varieties.

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