It’s all leftovers all the time in my house, but we’re serving up hot and fresh decisions on our podcast.

GamesBeat Decides is back for some post-Thanksgiving gaming discussions. Show regular Mike Minotti is on the road in Disney World. I apologize for that, and in the future I will make sure that the chain that binds him to his desk is more firmly secured to his ankles. Now get back in your hole, Mike!

For the last episode in November, host Jeffrey Grubb and GamesBeat managing editor Jason Wilson chat a bit about Thanksgiving gaming before diving into the week’s most important topics:

  • Does Final Fantasy XV make a good first impression?
  • Is it too late for No Man’s Sky?
  • Why are big blockbuster games selling so slowly?
  • Is it too late to get into — or return to — Hearthstone with the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion?

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