Gang up — the three criminal cabals from Gadgetzan are just waiting for you to make some new decks.

Hearthstone released its fourth expansion today, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It’s now live in the Americas region. The expansion brings 132 cards to Blizzard Entertainment’s hit, which leads the $1.2 billion card game market. The cards focus on the criminal elements of the town of Gadgetzan, bringing new mechanics like tri-class cards (where groups of cards work in three classes) and a hand-buffing mechanic the community’s has taken to calling “hold.” Expansions help publishers monetize their games — and bring back lapsed players, who may be curious to see the new additions or how a product changes after the release.

The new cards are now available to purchase either money or in-game gold and for use in all formats (as you can see here in this Arena draft I just started — the Jade Idol on the left and Second-Rate Bruiser in the middle are both new cards.

Shiny new cards!

Above: Shiny new cards!

Image Credit: Jason Wilson/GamesBeat