Did you know that human beings are responsible for many of the pictures you find on Google Image Search? That’s not the cloud drawing “Pikachu but with muscles” on demand just because you search for it every day at lunch. Someone had to actually open up Photoshop with a dark intent to create that art.

Now, creative production company Iam8bit wants to celebrate the artists that create original visuals for and related to video games as part of a new showcase called “Art Boss” at the annual Game Developers Conference. In March, the industry will once again congregate at Moscone Center in San Francisco to share knowledge about games (and jpegs of sinewy electric rats), and this time attendees will have the opportunity to check out artwork used in the production of games and more.

“Games are beautiful vessels for artwork, from textures and renders, to concept art and promotional collateral,” Iam8bit founder Jon Gibson said in a statement. “Every element is an essential part of the whole; we’re proud to work with GDC to showcase all of it. Just as GDC has inspired and connected thousands of the greatest game developers in the world, Art Boss aims to honor and highlight visual artists for their passion and creativity.”

Artists working in the industry can submit their work for consideration by visiting the Art Boss page on Iam8bit’s website. If the jury select one of your compositions, you will earn a complimentary pass to the GDC event itself.

“GDC prides itself on the diversity of content and voices at the event, and our work with Iam8bit and Art Boss is no different, bringing together artwork from all phases of game development, including concept art, production art, and in-game assets,” GDC general manager Meggan Scavio said in a statement. “There’s no submission fee for Art Boss, giving all artists a shot at showcasing their amazing work to an audience who shares an emotional connection to the art of game development.”