Hello, and welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This week, Final Fantasy XV knocks our socks off (and we show you how to get around, level up, and make money faster, too!), Hearthstone’s Mean Streets of Gadetzan launches (and we opened a ton of cards from the expansion), and The Game Awards showed off a bunch of trailers — and got muted on YouTube, too.

We also looked at how BioWare Austin continues to spin a Star Wars yarn that’s independent of the new canon, the birth of a new gaming platform on Facebook Messenger, and how Super Mario Go may not be the instant hit that Pokémon has been in mobile.

Opinions and pieces of flair

Monster in Dauntless

Above: Monster in Dauntless

Image Credit: Phoenix Labs


Optimus Prime fights ... well, considering it's a Bayformer, I'm not sure who Prime's fighting.

Above: Optimus Prime fights … well, considering it’s a Bayformer, I’m not sure who Prime’s fighting.

Image Credit: Kabam

Mobile and social

Super Mario Run is still coming from DeNA's Tokyo studio.

Above: Super Mario Run is still coming from DeNA’s Tokyo studio.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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