CARY, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 12, 2016–

Force Protection Video Equipment (OTC Markets: FPVD), which sells HD body camera systems and accessories for law enforcement, announced today that cloud storage of video, photos and audio files from Force Protection Video’s body worn cameras and surveillance equipment on Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud is now available. The company utilizes software provided by our partner VeriPic, Inc. (, a world leader since 1998 in managing Law Enforcement video, digital photos and digital evidence.

“The VeriPic implementation of cloud body worn camera data storage represents a huge innovation,” said John Kwan, CEO of VeriPic. “We allow for 3 kinds of storage. We can store on the cloud, on local servers or a hybrid of the two. Hybrid can be the best of both worlds where the recent video is stored on a local server to take advantage of the extremely high performance of super-fast local networks, but also allow data to flow to the cloud as it gets older where customers can take advantage of the redundancy and automated data management on the cloud.”

“We are extremely excited to offer these new storage options for the customers of our body worn cameras,” said Paul Feldman, CEO of Force Protection. “This offers more choices for agencies purchasing our video equipment and allows us to serve the customer regardless of whether they want to store the data locally or on the cloud.”

In addition to all the standard security features of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, VeriPic’s implementation also adds individualized encryption where each data file is encrypted using a different encryption key, patented multiple interlocked hashing to ensure integrity of evidence files. This makes the storage of digital evidence even more secure than cloud alone.

Storage on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is available for law enforcement agencies through the VeriPic® Evidence Storage Lockerâ„¢ for both the Force Protection Video LE10 and LE50 body worn cameras as well as the LE100 and LE101 in-car video systems. Non-law enforcement agency customers’ data will be stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. All customers, regardless of law enforcement status, will benefit from the individualized encryption and patented hashing technology.

The LE50 and LE10 are small body-worn high definition (HD) cameras, which are compatible with VeriPic video software management.

The Force Protection Video LE10 and LE50 cameras are rugged HD design which incorporates Ambarella (AMBA) made chips that allow cameras and other devices to record high definition video. It is the chip supplier of the popular GoPro (GPRO) sports cameras.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Paul Feldman at FORCE PROTECTION VIDEO EQUIPMENT or email at INFO@FORCEPROVIDEO.COM.

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