Every Christmas celebration could use a few more laser guns.

Destiny’s The Dawning is live now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The holiday event brings time-limited holiday content to Bungie’s online MMO shooter, with it ending on January 3. Updates like these can keep current players engage while bringing back lapsed ones. If new content dries up, players could leave a game.

The Dawning includes new quests, weapons, gear, and the return of Sparrow Racing, which has players competing with the game’s┬áhover bikes. It also gives access to a special Record Book, which allows players to earn rewards by completing in-game challenges. The update also includes some bug fixes, which you can learn all about in the full patch notes.

Destiny’s last big expansion, Rise of Iron, came out in September. Until the next major release (which rumors suggest could be Destiny 2 coming later next year), the game will have to depend on updates like this to keep players busy.