If you’re lucky enough to have an NES Classic Edition but still have troubles with its short controller cord, Nyko has a solution.

The gaming accessories creator has released two new products for Nintendo’s retro system. The NES Classic Edition is becoming one of the holidays’ hottest items, selling out as soon as they go on sale. Accessories like these can improve the player experience.

The Miniboss is a wireless controller for the NES Classic. The standard gamepad that comes with the NES Classic has a cord … a short one. Seriously, you’ll have problems using it unless you’re sitting a few feet away from the console. The Miniboss costs $25.

Part of the charm of the NES Classic is how faithful it is to the original, including that NES controller design. If you’d rather be able to use the standard controller but give it more reach, Nyko is also selling an extender. It adds 6 more feet to cord length. It goes for $10.

Or you could just buy a long HDMI cord, too.