Fantasy Flight Games might be finished with the tabletop version of Talisman, but Nomad Games is still at work on the digital version for PCs and mobile, adding two new characters with deep roots in the beloved classic’s history.

The Martial Artist and the Saracen are the two new characters now available as digital downloadable content for $2 each on the Steam PC gaming store, iOS, and Android. Adding new characters to digital board games such as Talisman not only provides an additional revenue stream for game studios but also helps bring back lapsed players. Nomad is also boosting its Gold Pack package to include six copies of the game to give to others (and if you already have one, you’ll get two additional copies). First appearing in 1983, Talisman has sold over 1 million copies as a board game and digital product in its lifetime.

The Saracen can take Followers away from other characters and encounter them before others on the boards. This is a powerful ability, as Followers provide a number of buffs and other helpful powers for players. The Martial Artist can deliver devastating strikes with his fists, slowing down you foes.

Fantasy Flight announced earlier this year that it would discontinue work on the Talisman board game, but as we see, Nomad will continue making content for its digital counterpart.