You might be better off feeding this troll.

Troll and I is a co-op adventure, the first from work-for hire house Spiral Games of the U.K. Maximum Games is the publisher. This new intellectual property is a story about a teen boy, Otto, who finds himself in need of help after a hunter looking for Troll destroys his village, and he ends up on the run from an evil that’s taken over his land. It turns out the giant ends up helping the lad, forging an unlikely friendship. It’s for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a March 21 release date for $50.

It features split-screen local co-op — no online play — and this adventure emphasizes teamwork on tackling the challenges Otto and Troll face. The boy is good is good at quick moves, while the giant focuses on powerful attacks. You use their contrasting styles to tackle battles, figure out puzzles, and explore together. It has a Scandinavian influence to the story — Troll lives in the mountains, and you’ll find yourself up there for part of the tale.

Maximum Games is the publisher of games such as Mark Morris Infinite Air (a snowboarding game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC) and Lichdom: Battlemage, an interesting (if buggy at times) PC game where you sling spells from a first-person perspective.

Spiral House has long been a “work for hire” studio, and it’s helped with the portable takes on MotorStorm and Wipeout and the PC version of the racing game Blur.