LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 15, 2016–

Unleashed Software, the innovative inventory management developer, has intensified its commitment to helping UK-based food and beverage startups succeed in an increasingly crowded and competitive market space.

Having recently sponsored the first Bread and Butter event – UK’s first food founders’ festival geared toward giving food entrepreneurs the tools and communal support structure required to start and grow their businesses successfully – Unleashed Software has gleaned a number of key insights into how it can more effectively serve its growing client base here in the UK.

“Ease of use coupled with increasing the value and not the cost of the software solutions we provide is of key importance to business owners who need to be able to scale rapidly whilst remaining lean.” said Stephen Jones, UK Head of Operations for Unleashed, “Founders are simply too busy growing their businesses and striving to increase productivity and profitability for complicated setups.” Jones added.

Paul Delamere, co-founder of Shindigger Brewing Co. echoed the important role powerful inventory management software like Unleashed plays in allowing a business to go from grassroots start-up to rapidly expanding beverage manufacturer. “Unleashed frees up a lot of time to focus on the parts of the business that are really key to our growth.” Delamere said.

With an over 90% attrition rate for food and beverage manufacturing startups, Unleashed is investing heavily in the UK to help the industry grow and better equip start-ups to successfully overcome the gauntlet of challenges most new businesses face. Drawing upon the latest statistics published in the Mintel GMPD report [, 2015] which stated 11,273 new food products were launched in the last year; Jones likened the scenario food manufacturers now face to a true David vs. Goliath situation.

“With over 2,000 new food and beverage businesses entering the market in 2016, in order for the smaller food manufacturers – the Davids – to perform in a market dominated by the industry giants – the Goliaths – a lean approach driven by seamless online system integration is vital in order to allow them to maximise efficiency and simultaneously invest in high growth areas. We are committed to investing in building easy to use online tools to simplify and streamline inventory management in the UK food and beverage sector.” Jones affirmed.

From improving traceability through batch tracking, cost tracking and visibility of inventory in real time to full integration with key cloud-based accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, Unleashed provides a unique software toolkit that helps businesses optimally manage their supply chains, production and purchasing.

“Our business has grown roughly 100% since we implemented Unleashed, and I would definitely recommend it to any start-ups” says Phil Kirby, co-founder of Brew Tea Co. “With Unleashed smoothly handling our purchasing, stock visibility, manufacturing processes and sales, we can continue to scale our business for the future.”

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